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Oh no! The robots ran away!!

Child cientists from São Leopoldo were doing experiments with robotics on the letters of MOTIC, and now they're all gone! Help us find and retrieve them!


MOTIC GO!  was developed for the VII Technology and Innovation Science Show (Mostra de Tecnologia e Inovação com Ciências) - MOTIC in São Leopoldo/RS - Brazil. This game is an open source Augmented Reality experience created on the site and phone app Metaverse:

To play the game:

Main QR Code of the game: https://mtvrs.io/HumongousPopularStingray

M letter QR Code: https://mtvrs.io/CurvyNarrowBluefintuna

O letter QR Code: https://mtvrs.io/DarlingRosyBlowfish

T letter QR Code: https://mtvrs.io/ConcreteAnnualLongspur

I letter QR Code: https://mtvrs.io/GoodDarkslategreyTuatara

C letter QR Code:https://mtvrs.io/PotableHappyCardinal

To see how it was done:

IMPORTANT - you need to be logged in an account and clone the experience to your account to be able to see and edit it!

Main QR Code of the game: https://studio.gometa.io/discover/me/fe3448cf-4df1-4ea6-9ec3-a9a047de6065

M letter QR Code: https://studio.gometa.io/discover/me/f8a6c0c7-58ec-446f-951c-589ffff3af11

O letter QR Code: https://studio.gometa.io/discover/me/5273487f-f84b-4916-b4f0-e7d40c170ccb

T letter QR Code: https://studio.gometa.io/discover/me/c425428d-880e-42f8-bcff-b87fb5f0818b

I letter QR Code: https://studio.gometa.io/discover/me/0c3dca9f-224a-42ba-9ba2-5785dd26a783

 C letter QR Code: https://studio.gometa.io/discover/me/6164b698-cc3f-461f-821c-8984bfefa3b3

Panel translation: "Have fun with MOTIC GO"

Art and story: Raissa Scheeren (https://raissasche.itch.io/)

Programming: Eduardo Berlezi

Install instructions

The downloadable files are the extra posters of the game, to take it to the rel world! The QR Codes (and how they were programmed) are available in the Metaverse links above. You need to download the Metaverse app (Google Play and App Store) to play. Have fun!


MOTIC_GO_posters_ENG.zip 4 MB

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